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Featured Job Listings


Featured Job Listings

Will you be looking for an HR person in 2019? Get in on January - March promotions through the HR West Featured Job Listings (Digital Booklet)

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Get in on a great recruitment solution that can help fill your 2019 HR positions or simply showcase your company. You can build your HR candidate pipeline from NCHRA's outstanding HR community, including HR West 2019 conference attendees. The HR West 2019 Featured JobListings is a digital booklet recruitment guide that will be e-mailed to 30,000 HR professionals, from the Pacific Northwest down to southern California, as well as heavily promoted online. Titles include VPs/CHROs from HR generalists to recruiters to payroll specialists and more. Your listing will have all the eyes of the association on it. You can even make your listing come to life with embedded video that will capture the attention of job seekers when they click to turn the page.

It will also be available to download for free on the NCHRA Job Board for 60+ days. There's no better way to drive candidates to you than placing your listing in the HR West 2019 Featured Job Listings digital booklet.

Please email Mark McGuire at Mark.Mcguire@communitybrands.com to get a price sheet and see an example of the product and listing options.

We look forward to partnering with you and helping you find your next employee!

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(Click the image above for an example)! A fresh way to showcase your company or 2019 HR positions!
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