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Healthy Horizons (Workplace Mother's Rooms)

Workplace mother’s rooms, hospital-grade breast pumps, back to work gifts, and classes for your new and returning parents! We are the experts on pumping at work and mother's room benefits for organizations of all sizes.
Healthy Horizons has 30 years of experience in workplace breastfeeding and offers comprehensive programs that flex with business needs. Current clients include PG&E, Amgen, PayPal, and many others.
Provide breast pumps at work, breastfeeding online education, and compliant mother's rooms to all your U.S. locations. 43% of mothers do not return from maternity leave, we retain moms during this major life transition. For women by women, we are here to make your working mothers happy and comfortable after maternity leave!
Visit HealthyHorizonsOnline.com or email Services@hh-bc.com