HR West 2020
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MARCH 9-11
Oakland Convention Center

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Jack Altman Photo Jack Altman
Bill Armstrong Photo Bill Armstrong
Mr. Charles Ashworth Photo Mr. Charles Ashworth
Amii Barnard-Bahn JD Photo Amii Barnard-Bahn JD
B. Kim Barnes Photo B. Kim Barnes
Susan Bernstein Photo Susan Bernstein MBA, PhD
Sue Bethanis Photo Sue Bethanis Ed.D.
Ragu Bhargava Photo Ragu Bhargava
Lauraine Bifulco Photo Lauraine Bifulco
Melissa Bilstad-Meyers Photo Melissa Bilstad-Meyers
Susan Bishop Photo Susan Bishop Esq.
Maureen Bogue Photo Maureen Bogue Esq.
Cindi Bright Photo Cindi Bright
Bruce L. Calvin J.D. Photo Bruce L. Calvin J.D.
Amy Cappellanti-Wolf Photo Amy Cappellanti-Wolf
Rob Catalano Photo Rob Catalano
Christine Cave Photo Christine Cave Esq. SHRM-SCP SPHR
Tamra Chandler Photo Tamra Chandler
Dave Collins Photo Dave Collins
Michael Cooper Photo Michael Cooper MBA
Erica Cordova Zinkie JD Photo Erica Cordova Zinkie JD
Judy T. Dang Photo Judy T. Dang
Erin Daruszka Photo Erin Daruszka SHRM-SCP SPHR
Jeanine Debacker Esq. Photo Jeanine Debacker Esq.
Suzana DelliSanti Photo Suzana DelliSanti
Brian Dolman Photo Brian Dolman Esq. SHRM-SCP SPHR
Sylvia Doss Photo Sylvia Doss
Max Dubroff Photo Max Dubroff SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Shari Dunn Photo Shari Dunn
Chris Dyer Photo Chris Dyer
Russ Elliot SPHR Photo Russ Elliot SPHR
Salvatore Falletta Photo Salvatore Falletta GPHRSHRM-SCP
Doug Farmer Esq. Photo Doug Farmer Esq.
Bernard Farrell Photo Bernard (Barney) Farrell
John Ford Photo John Ford
Jason Geller Photo Jason Geller Esq.
Carolyn Godfrey Photo Carolyn Godfrey
Edie Goldberg Photo Edie Goldberg Ph.D
Donna Goldstein Photo Donna Goldstein
Candice Gottlieb-Clark Photo Candice Gottlieb-Clark
Margaret Graziano Photo Margaret Graziano
Laura Grealish Photo Laura Grealish
Kevin Grossman Photo Kevin Grossman
Justin Hale Photo Justin Hale
Erik Hansen Photo Erik Hansen
Shari Harley Photo Shari Harley
Stephen Hirschfeld Photo Stephen Hirschfeld Esq.
Huan Ho Photo Huan Ho
Tirza Hollenhorst Photo Tirza Hollenhorst
Allison Holzer Photo Allison Holzer
Meghan Hopkins Photo Meghan Hopkins
Aaron Hurst Photo Aaron Hurst
David Knapp Photo David Knapp
Kira Knight Photo Kira Knight
Eric Knudsen Photo Eric Knudsen Ph.D.
Ryan Kohler Photo Ryan Kohler
Daniel Kopti Photo Daniel Kopti
Jane Kow Photo Jane Kow Esq.
Glen Kraemer Photo Glen Kraemer Esq.
Christopher Kurtz Photo Christopher Kurtz
Art Langer Photo Art Langer Ed. D.
Janice Litvin Photo Janice Litvin
Christine Long Photo Christine Long Esq.
Linda Lubin Thompson Photo Linda Lubin Thompson
Muir Macpherson Photo Muir Macpherson Ph.D
Jeanette Maister Photo Jeanette Maister
Rae Majors-Wildman Photo Rae Majors-Wildman
Gilbert Manzano Photo Gilbert Manzano SHRM-SCP
Leigh Mastrantonio Photo Leigh Mastrantonio MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Catherine Mattice Zundel Photo Catherine Mattice Zundel SHRM-SCPSPHR
Paul Meshanko Photo Paul Meshanko
Juliette Meunier Photo Juliette Meunier CPA
Jeff Miller Photo Jeff Miller Ph.D
Todd Murtha Photo Todd Murtha
Tim Mutrie Photo Tim Mutrie
Ms. Diana Peterson-More Photo Ms. Diana Peterson-More Esq.
Tauseef Rahman Photo Tauseef Rahman
Joshua Ramey-Renk Photo Joshua Ramey-Renk SHRM-SCP SPHR
Gina Roccanova Photo Gina Roccanova Esq.
Liliana Salazar Photo Liliana Salazar Esq.
Julius Schillinger Photo Julius Schillinger Ph.D
Aaron Schmookler Photo Aaron Schmookler MFA
Rachel Shaw Photo Rachel Shaw MBA
Mr. Jason Sheffield Photo Mr. Jason Sheffield Esq.
Daniel Sonsino Photo Daniel Sonsino
Walter Stella Photo Walter Stella
Sally Thornton Photo Sally Thornton
Amanda Townsend Photo Amanda Townsend
Katy Tynan Photo Katy Tynan
Adam Utley Photo Adam Utley
Ekta Vyas Photo Ekta Vyas Ph.D, SHRM-SCP
Allison West Photo Allison West Esq. SHRM-SCP SPHR
Anne Whiting Photo Anne Whiting
Brad Wilson Photo Brad Wilson
Dianna Wilusz Photo Dianna Wilusz SHRM-SCP; SPHR
Mr. Fletcher Wimbush Photo Mr. Fletcher Wimbush
Erin Winters Photo Erin Winters Esq.
Breanne Woodrow Photo Breanne Woodrow
Patty Woolcock Photo Patty Woolcock CSHRP
Yasmin Zarabi Photo Yasmin Zarabi


"Good variety of vendors and exhibitors. Liked the convenience of the venue location; very easy to get to by BART."
--Mae Go
"High quality sessions, Very well organized. Great volunteers and staffing."
--Jennifer Druskin
"Almost every session I attended was engaging and valuable. There was great organization of tracks and session summaries in the schedule and a great selection of presenters! It was also nice to see and hear from NCHRA staff prior to keynotes and during lunch. There was phenomenal coordination by everyone involved in the event - thank you very much, I really enjoyed attending this year!!"
--Paula Benone
"Great conference. My employer does not pay my way. Therefore, attending conferences and workshops for my certification is my personal commitment to me and my profession. I learn at the conference. I re-energize at the conference. When I retire it may be my path to a personal business experience. HR West is important to my professional well-being. Thank you for presenting a great conference."
--Teresa Roffe
"Great way to reflect on other ways to do our work. HR West is great way to pause, share and get more energy to do our work."
--Nancy Derbish
"Thank you for hosting the conference at a very convenient location in Oakland. Everything was great (e.g. keynote speakers, variety of concurrent sessions, good food/drinks, etc.) Also thanks to the wonderful vendors. I'm looking forward to your conference next year."
-- MyHang Fruman


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