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Keynote Speaker Cindy Solomon


Keynote Speaker Cindy Solomon, Founder, CEO and President of the Courageous Leadership Institute™

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World-renowned leadership expert, author and speaker, Cindy Solomon helps Fortune 5000 companies build Courageous Leadership™ at scale, better enabling their teams and organizations to compete and win in today’s customer-driven economy.

With her Courageous Leadership keynotes and programs, Cindy has helped hundreds of companies around the world identify, nurture and leverage the leadership potential in both their front line employees and their leadership teams. Cindy counts among her clients 26 J.D. Power Award winners, and industry leaders such as Google, Alaska Airlines, UPS, Oracle, Wells Fargo and The Ritz-Carlton, among others.

One of the most highly sought-after leadership speakers in the world, Cindy Solomon has traveled the globe sharing her provocative, and often hilarious insights on business, customer service and courage with tens of thousands each year. She is also founder, CEO and President of the Courageous Leadership Institute™, an organization that specializes in working with companies, nonprofits and associations around the world to introduce Courageous Leadership™ as a daily practice at every level - building teams that are uniquely equipped to meet the needs of a changing and disrupted marketplace.

With a diverse client partnership background ranging from financial services to aviation and healthcare to high-tech; Cindy her team of worldwide CLI Facilitators deliver cutting-edge, blended learning programs that marry live training, interactive webinars and innovative, online MicroLearning™ e-courses that enable exceptional customer and employee engagement at scale quickly, generating impactful bottom-line results - fast.

Cindy is also a best-selling author on the topic of leadership, with books Creating a Culture of Courage, and The Rules of Woo both available on Amazon. Learn more about Cindy at www.cindysolomon.com, and follow Cindy at @cindysolomon.

Q&A with Keynote Cindy Solomon

We got a chance to ask Cindy about her insight into the role of HR in today's workplace. Here are her thoughts.

What do you find holds leaders back from being courageous in their workplaces?

Most of us equate courage with the big, bold actions that we read about every day in the press. What our research has shown is that courage is actually more prevalent in the "smaller" decisions that each of us makes every single day. Whether it's raising your hand to challenge the direction of a project or simply to try to improve a time-worn legacy process or suggest an innovative solution against a seemingly intractable problem. These little courageous acts are the building blocks to creating a culture of courage. What holds most leaders back from acting more courageously is they don't recognize they already are courageous and build upon that action. We are under the mistaken belief that courage is being fearless but it's actually the ability to take action in spite of your fear.

Quote: "Courage is like any other muscle - it's strengthened by attention and exercise."

How has the leadership role of HR evolved over the years, in your opinion?

As a recovering corporate executive (VP of Sales & Marketing) myself, I remember how I relied heavily on my HR partner to help me build a profitable, financially successful organization of 3,900 people. From the hiring, developing and retaining great employees to exit interviews and helping me manage my own development, my HR partner was with me every step of the way. Over the years, I've seen some organizations share the mistaken belief that HR is simply a "necessary evil" or a "cost function" rather than the true partner they can be. Organizations that are committed to creating and building courageous, high-performance cultures not only have HR at the table but they also rely on them to help them build a culture that performs.

Quote: "HR is the only organization within a company that touches every single employee. If every HR department (and company) saw the true power HR has to create success (employee engagement, high-performance leaders, etc.), HR would be the most important (and best paid) organization in the company."

How does culture affect the bottom line and why should courageous culture be important for HR leaders?

Creating a culture of courage absolutely impacts the bottom line in every way imaginable. For example; imagine how different our HR lives would be if everyone within the organization was skilled in having positive, proactive and effective courageous conversations or were adept at confidently providing real-time, specific performance feedback. Just having an organization courageously commit to arming every leader and employee with these two skills alone would have an extraordinary impact on both top-line revenue generation and also customer experience, employee experience and don't even get me started on the savings from a risk and safety perspective! This is just one example of how creating a culture of courage (read: committing to building better leaders at scale) can impact the bottom line.

Quote: "A culture isn't created by having a pithy poster on the wall. It's created by defining common values and arming leaders with the skills they need to bring those actions to life." Said another way, if there's a poster that says "we're customer-focused" it means they aren't!

See Cindy at HR West

KEYNOTE: Creating a Culture of Courage: The HR Silver Bullet

Monday 9:00 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. - West Hall

In 2020, organizational disruption from both internal and external forces is greater than ever before. Creating accountable, results driven, nimble organizations is critical for success and HR can be the crucial driver of that process. Based on data from over 200 large client implementations and over 8,700 hundred interviews, this keynote focuses on how we, as HR leaders and professionals can lead the way in creating courageous leadership throughout our organizations. Whether the focus is helping to engage and retain a cross-generational and diverse workforce, or developing the skills needed to create customer loyalty, Cindy shares the secrets to effectively engaging leaders and employees (and ourselves!) with a common goal and purpose: to courageously lead.

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